Dr. Jordan Debates Today The Speech Policies of the University of Toronto

Here is the link to the debate today between Dr. Jordan Peterson and Mary Bryson, a professor of education at the University of British Columbia and Brenda Cossman, a professor of law at the University of Toronto, on the subject of free speech on the university campus.

UofT has demanded of faculty that they submit to the policies of the Ontario Human Rights Commission that criminialize the “improper” use of pronouns when addressing others. For Peterson this is a free speech issue, and he is refusing to comply. Though he is tenured and a respected academic, his job is clearly at risk, not to mention being prosecuted with the prospect of jail time. The time is 9:30 AM.

I consider this a very important debate to watch. It will be a model for how to respond to liberal authoritarianism. My guess is that as more and more people are willing to stand up and push back, these attacks on free speech will begin to wither. Their force is a function of the cowardice of those being attacked and their willingness to only consider self-interest.

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