My Proposal For How To Respond to Illegal Immigrants Already Here

I repeat my proposal, already offered before, for those who are here illegally. There should be a path to citizenship with some provisions.

One, that path should be eight to ten years.

Two, immigration should be seriously restricted in the meantime as we prepare to make room for these new citizens. Americans should be convinced that immigration is not being used as a tool to pack demographics to favor Democrats at the ballot box. We do know that this has been an explicit part of their strategy. This strategy should be defeated.

Three, criminal elements should be removed.

Four, within the time frame these immigrants should have a track record of employment and proof that they will not need substantial welfare support.

Five, they have identified themselves as here illegally and received credentials for employment, as in green cards. They will file yearly taxes.

Six, there will be no sanctuary cities.

Businesses have been allowed for many, many years to tempt illegal immigration for their labor demands. It has been our way of doing business. There is an element of unfairness to now treat these immigrants simply as lawbreakers when, in fact, the powerful paved the way for them and our government turned their head from what was happening. There are two lawbreakers here – the illegal immigrant and our government/business leaders.

I am writing this up and sending it to my Congressional and State delegations. I will also send it to Rep. Dave Brat, Rep of VA, and other members of the Freedom Caucus in Congress. Your suggestions are welcome.

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