Will #BigEva Build Bridges To Pew Guy?

We know that #BigEva was NeverTrump. They found every Bible verse that could be used and threw it at Pew Guy. Still, 80% of Evangelicals voted for Donald J. Trump. They blew right past #BigEva.

Now it will be interesting to see what #BigEva will do to regain its leadership role in this great repudiation of their moral superiority. My guess is that they will bear down and tell Pew Guy how carnal he is and how he mixed up religion with politics. They are already doing it, by the way.

There are going to be empty spaces in Evangelical leadership, and it will be interesting to see where Pew Guy goes. I don’t think they will move toward the Religious Right as an identifiable group – Falwell Jr., Pastor Jeffress, Ralph Reed, etc. I do not believe they fall into the old Moral Majority model. They have learned that lesson. But they have not taken the bait of the Benedict Option and that Evangelicals ought to bail. They believe that America as America is worth fighting for, even if #BigEva will not help them.

And Pew Guy knows that #BigEva is still out there. My guess is that the rift is real and that he will remember that in the hour of maximum political/cultural danger, #BigEva didn’t show up. They took a conscience pass.

Eric Metaxas is one of the few spotlight Evangelicals who signaled to Pew Guy that voting for Trump was a political good. He has taken hell for it. He stepped out of the crowd and signaled to Pew Guy that he was on the right track. I am trying to bring to mind if he had Evangelical compatriots. I can’t recall any right off hand.

#BigEva is the Evangelical version of National Review. Their advice had to be ignored to gain an election victory. Now they will scurry to be our experts again. Not so quickly! Evangelicals don’t do the penance thing, but if we did, #BigEva has some dues to pay.

I am listening, reading, watching for a teachable spirit in #BigEva. I am not hopeful. But I can hope it is there. In the meantime, Pew Guy is on a journey looking for safer place to call home.

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