Are Evangelicals Who Voted for Trump “the new unreached people group” when it comes to “kingdom living?”

“You may not want to admit it, but ‘American evangelicals are clearly the new unreached people group’ as it pertains to kingdom living.” Adam Thomason.

This tweet by Thomason expresses a conversation that is taking place within Evangelicalism. There are some within the fold who have determined that those who voted for Trump are either barely Christians or not Christians at all. This isn’t your old “let’s agree to disagree” talk. This is “I have had enough of you, and you must walk to my side of the line to get any respect” talk.

70% to 80% of Evangelicals voted for Trump. So by definition the minority isn’t huge, and they just might be talking to themselves. But the 70 to 80 figure needs to be analyzed. It could mean any number of things. But it is clear that among some Evangelicals this was a rank sell out of Christianity by Trumpsters. (It is not yet determined how many of those who voted for Trump were actually voting GOP and initially were for other GOP candidates. They might not consider themselves pro-Trump at all). That might be to others a distinction without a difference.

It is clear that #BigEva had no leverage. And it is clear that the Religious Right still has game. But since the 70s and 80s much of Evangelical leadership has moved center or even open to a bit left of it. Most of my closer friends are Pastors who are NeverTrumpers. There is a rift between them and broader Evangelicalism. They are in Pastor/organization/institution bubbles I suspect. Pew guy isn’t following.  I don’t think pew guy is following James Dobson, Pat Robertson, Ralph Reed, etce., either. I don’t think he is listening to Falwell Jr., Pastor Jeffress, Eric Metaxas, etc. He is leaderless.

I sense he is going by instinct and not part of a movement. This makes him even more ominous to those who thought they could lead him. He is essentially self-directed. He is willing to blow past John Piper, Al Mohler, Christianity Today, Justin Taylor, Joel Miller, TGC, T4G, Ed Stetzer, etc. I am beginning to think he is on his own. No one really speaks for him.

I will gave a few more thoughts about possible developments. The one area where I am not so sure of the analysis (not that I am sure of any of it) is the charismatic component. I don’t have a hold of how they are operating in this arena. Sure would love your input on this. This is not a Trump discussion but about the “sectoring” of Evangelicalism.

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