What Thabiti Anyabwile Thinks Evangelicals Who Voted for Trump Missed

Here is Thabiti Anyabwile’s post on what he thinks Evangelicals missed by voting for Trump. I responded to him in the comments section.

My regard for Anyabwile is immense. I read his stuff and listen to him. I will continue to do so. He is a worthy brother in Christ. His position on those who voted for the GOP candidate is not helpful. We simply got it wrong because we were not faithful to Christ, as I understand what he said.

I came away from reading the article thinking that Anyabwile believes he has nothing to learn from us. I won’t go into a point by point response. I think that it is his basic stance toward me that is the point.

Here is my response to Anyabwile: I did not vote for Trump as Anyabwile describes I must have voted for Trump. I am a person, an individual man. I did not vote as a group, as a party, or as an angry white man. It seems that Anyabwile thinks I must have been these things if I disagree with him. I have deep respect for Anyabwile. I have read him every step of the way. He has things I need to hear. His generalizations don’t help. His bottom line seems to be that I “failed to escape its [Evangelicalism] partisan bias in favor of more principled and biblical stands.” He sees this as a moral fault on my part, not an intellectual disagreement. Until he admits that people who voted for Trump did so honorably, with biblical principles front and center, and with concern for a flourishing country that will be for all citizens, the conversation stops cold. He can hold his position and hold it honorably. I will continue to read him and listen to him. But apparently he has nothing to learn from me. That’s the take away from this post.

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