Dr. Jordan Peterson Updates Us on the Proposed Debate Between Him and a Yet-To-Be-Named-Who-May-Not-Be-Named Opponent

Dr. Jordan Peterson gives an update on his upcoming debate about PC at the U of Toronto. You will want to follow this stream of events. I hope you can give to it your attention.

The U of T seems to have decided to accept Dr. Peterson’s offer of a debate concerning his refusal to use the prescribed pronouns enforced and criminalized by the Ontario Human Rights Commission. Yet the U of T has also insisted that in order to debate Dr. Peterson, he must use the prescribed acceptable pronouns. In other words, to debate the rightness of the imposing the use of certain pronouns, Dr. Peterson must use those pronouns in the debate or otherwise the U of T cannot debate him. If you catch the circularity of this reasons, you get the impossible situation the University has set up. Dr. Peterson will not submit to the use of the pronoun list in order to debate the very thing that is being imposed on him by the debate. Crazy.

The price Dr. Peterson is paying to refuse PC training centers at the university is quite huge. But he has the intellectual and emotional chops to challenge the bullying and walks even farther into the belly of the beast to wage intellectual war against irrationalism and ideological shoving. His support has been immense, making it difficult for U of T to waltz into a reign of the haters, especially those who will not eschew violence as a means of their version of purity. Actually, Dr. Peterson could use some thumbs up on his videos and posting positive comments. It is the sheer volume of response that has U of T cornered.

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