#BigEva And The Next Election

Big Evangelicalism (#BigEva) is the self-assumed teaching magisterium of  institutional Evangelicalism. They are #NeverTrump. The Evangelicalism of James Dobson, Ralph Reed, etc. is morally unfit, according to the narrative laid out by Russell Moore, seemingly the primary point guard for #BigEva. It is now time for the religious right to expire, according to him.

To make way for what?

I am not a spokesman for the religious right. Sometimes I agree and sometimes I don’t, though I certainly am a conservative. Some of their spokesmen are not mine, such as Pat Robertson and Jerry Falwell. But one thing the religious right has is energy and perseverance. They know what it like to be in the minority and committing to the fight. They know how to endure shame and to commit to moral positions before running polls.

I’m not so sure #BigEva has that kind of energy nor the singleness of vision. They are primarily dialogical and pedagogical. Words, words, and more words. Politics might be too dirty for them. Political skirmishing, sweat on the brow and dirt under the fingernails might not suit them.

Maybe they won’t do politics at all. It’s not quite clear to me. Maybe they will just end up repeating the phrase “world view” until it’s indistinguishable from mumbling. But when they assume the moral mantle in cooperation with Christianity Today, it won’t be enough to attack the religious right. We shall see if they marshall enough critical mass to even be a target for the Left.