Today is Reformation Day, 2016

Today is Reformation Day, the celebration of the unleashing of the Gospel of the free forgiveness of sins apart from works of the Law ushered in anew through Martin Luther.

Luther was a midcourse correction in the corruption of the medieval church that had lost its way and its joy. In the wedding ring bestowed upon the Church by Christ, the New Testament books of Paul’s Epistles to the Romans and Galatians were at the center of the jewel rich setting that is the New Covenant. Still today that Gospel Luther uncovered and served is the best news sinners could ever hear – heaven is a free gift, not earned or deserved. And still today there is that part of the visible church that refuses it, obscures it, and covers it with works righteousness.

So, Dr. Luther, we salute you. You done good!! Now it is our turn to take the heat and pay the price to bring the pure Gospel of grace out of obscurity and let it shine in all of its glory.

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