The Christian Philosophical Society Takes A Swing at Swinburne For His Orthodox View on Homosexuality

Richard Swinburne is one of the most respected philosophers in the world. He is an Emeritus Professor of Philosophy at the University of Oxford. From my vantage point a philosophical argument is always made more complete when Swinburne is referenced and any paper gains more credibility when Swinburne is cited. He is a gentleman and in manner is invitational rather than harsh and off-putting. I have students both listen to him and read him in my philosophy classes. Look him up on Wikipedia.

In a recent address to the Society of Christian Philosophers he defended the traditional and historical position on homosexuality. Nothing new here, except for the engaging way Swinburne always expresses himself. But what was new is response of the President of the SCP, who apologized for Swinburne’s commitments, strange in light of the fact that this is a Christian philosophers’ organization.

Michael Rea posted: “I want to express my regret regarding the hurt caused by the recent Midwest meeting of the Society for Christian Philosophers. The views expressed in Professor Swinburne’s keynote are not those of the SCP itself. Though our membership is broadly united by way of religious faith, the views of our members are otherwise diverse. As Preisdent of the SCP, I am committed to promoting the intellectual life of our philosophical community. Consequently (among other reasons), I am committed to the values of diversity and inclusion. As an organization, we have fallen short of those ideals before, and surely we will again. Nonetheless, I will strive for them going forward. If you have thoughts or feedback you would like to share with me, I would welcome hearing from you via email or private message.”

Al Mohler, President of Southern Seminary, responded to it today on The Briefing. The Federalist also responded to it.  

Wheaton College (Illinois), InterVarsity Christian Fellowship, and a host of other Evangelical Christian institutions are in the midst of this cultural storm, merely for maintaining what all Christians in all places and in all times have believed. There is nothing new here. Seeking to guide themselves by morally orthodox positions is now seen as discriminatory, bigoted and illegal. Many are knuckling under, but some are courageously facing the onslaught of cultural forces.

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