Upon Finding Out From Hillary I am a ‘Deplorable’

Hillary’s words hurt. How demeaning and inhumane to so many caring, loving, faithful and loyal citizens who are living by their best understanding of the right and the true.

As I continue to listen to the political dialogue, it is dismaying to find that Sharon and I are to many the enemy, and certainly to the Clintons. It is true that there is much in me that needs correction and rebuke, but we have tried to live lives as worthy citizens.

We have gone to work every day, often without vacations. We pay our taxes Рall of them. We have raised two worthy men who work, pay taxes and drain no resources from government. They are givers and not takers. We have invested our lives in people as a Pastor and a Teacher. We have taken risky stands for the sake of the inclusion of all in the American dream. We have opposed racism, honored the marginalized, and given generously of our substance over and beyond what most would consider reasonable.

And now we find out that we are the deplorable, the unworthy, the enemy, by a Clinton even, whose behaviors have brought so much disgrace to the Presidency and national government. When I think about what Bill Clinton did in the Oval Office and to the Oval Office, I am shamed and embarrassed. When I think how they have turned the Presidency into a means of personal enrichment and constructed a supposed charity built on layer upon layer of lies and pay for play, it strikes at my very heart. It has painted America as dirty and cheap. The complete inability of Bill and Hillary to tell truth and speak directly has cheapened words and made the national dialogue a thicket of brambles and thorns.

And now my dear wife, my honorable sons, and I are the enemy!! This destruction and scorched earth policy of the Clintons must come to an end. The people of this land must rise up and collectively show them the exit from the public stage, closing the door behind them. Exiling them into their silence and the horror of one another’s company is the fitting thing for America to do.

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