My Reaction to Trump’s Immigration Speech, August 31, 2016

I guess Trump isn’t softening his stand on illegal immigrants and building the wall. Looks like I was wrong on that one, at least so far. And with only two months to go there won’t be time for him to soften that stand.

I support his position though I am open to a position such as I have outlined in a previous post. It is clear that according to our law one cannot become a citizen by entering the country without due process or overstaying a visa. This is a righteous law, respecting not only our citizenry but also those who have immigrated here legally.

Our Chamber of Commerce pals, many businesses and the politicians they collaborate with have conspired to break our laws and overload our welfare and educational systems at the expense of taxpayers, without their consent and actually against the laws they have passed. They pay wages no one can actually live on with the awareness that the welfare and educational systems will kick in and provide.

The actual law, sponsored by Ted Kennedy, limits immigration to one million a year. We meet that limit and on top of that welcome millions more illegally. This disrespect for a law duly debated by our elected representatives and then ignored by Congress and Presidents eats away at the fabric of our legal system. Everyone knows more and more the legal system is not to be trusted. And when citizens cannot trust the legal system, bad things happen. It produces an acid that destroys peace and robs citizens of their wealth.

Hillary makes it clear that she will seek amnesty of those who are here illegally within her first 100 days. 100 days!!

Our President knows the will of the American people but apparently believes he has no obligation to honor their laws or their intent. Actually changing the law through our representatives seems to be beneath him. This lawlessness in the presidency (and in the former Secretary of State) is a cancer and must be reversed in the future for a democratic government to work and have the confidence of the American people.

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