The Ghost of Eternal Polygamy in Mormonism

Radio West features an exploration of what is called eternal polygamy within Mormonism. It is a fascinating listen. While polygamy is now considered outside the faith by Mormons, they continue to teach eternal polygamy, and for many women this teaching brings special pain and distress.

I commend to you Radio West and the interviews by Doug Fabrizio. He is a listener, reader, explorer of the nooks and crannies of things, and brings the questions to the table you would want to ask yourself. His style is easy and inviting. But his mind is quick and his skepticism acute. He does not harass his guests. He has a conversation but he is not without his point of view. I subscribe to his podcasts.

The woman he interviews considers herself a loyal Mormon and a fan of its community. Her words are not harsh and her loyalty to the LDS clear. Yet she is willing to face head on this teaching which continues to haunt many sensitive souls.

I think all religions have particular teachings which require balance, wisdom and a sensitive mind and heart. Without these virtues religion can become a blunt force, cracking heads and breaking souls. This is no less true of Christianity, too, my own faith. Some preachers and teachers seem to enjoy blunt force trauma and express their views of the Bible in most extreme forms, claiming that in this they seek to be loyal to Christ. Indeed, there are teachings in the Bible that are most uncomfortable, and they should not in any way be ameliorated, the teaching on Hell, for one. But there are others which can be handled in such a way that it is brutality and does more injury to the quiet and sensitive soul of the man and woman sitting in the pew.

I encourage you to give this a listen and learn something about Mormonism that your Mormon friends and neighbors face. Being a good neighbor is becoming aware of how souls are moved, comforted, challenged and even disturbed.




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