Soren Kierkegaard-Equal Opportunity Offender and Friend.

Soren Kierkegaard is an equal opportunity offender and friend – “Modernists are suspicious of this apparently postmodern thinker who never said anything directly and wrote mostly under pseudonyms. Postmodernists love the multiple voices but are suspicious of his stubborn adherence to revealed Truth with a capital T. Religious people hear Kierkegaard is the “father of existentialism” and suspect he is a secular atheist. Secular atheists steer clear when they hear Kierkegaard lies behind the popular idea of a “leap of faith.” Christian apologists love his attack on the idolatry of scientific rationality, but they are less keen on his attack on Christian apologetics. Liberals appreciate his love for the common man and his insights into the vapid nature of market-driven media and politics but don’t like his trenchant critique of social solutions to individual problems or the present age’s delusional belief in historical progress. Conservatives draw much from Kierkegaard’s highly Christian focus on the liberty of the individual but do not like that he finds the main enemies of this liberty to be Christian culture and much that is called traditional family values. Whatever your take on modern life, there are two true things that can be said about Kierkegaard: his influence on our various modes of thought is widespread, and the exact nature of this influence is difficult to articulate.” Stephen Backhouse, Kierkegaard: A Single Life, p.11

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