Evangelical Thought Leaders and Twitter

As I keep up with the GOP convention thru Twitter I am absolutely stunned by the absolute bludgeoning Evangelical thought leaders dish out. It’s high school all over again! T

heir journal and blog articles are so reasoned, erudite, engaging. But all of a sudden on Twitter they act as if they have rabies, baring teeth, foaming at the mouth, stalking prey, and biting every step of the way. It really is unseemly.

Perhaps it’s the nature of Twitter which is more conversational, immediate, and by its limit of 140 characters encouragings jab and punch. Still, I would expect these thought leaders to rein in the emotionally launched missiles with a bit more self-control. Alas, it isn’t so.

I don’t think I can read their books and articles the same way, having some idea of what lurks beneath.

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