Words You Will Hear To Describe The Upcoming Republican Convention

“Here was the common man and, yes, the common woman, too, come to take possession of their century at last…Narrow minded, book banning, truth censoring, mean spirited; ungenerous, envious, intolerant, afraid; chicken, bullying; trivially moral, falsely patriotic; family cheapening, flag cheapening; the common man, shallow, small, sanctimonious, exactly those who in Germany gave the Nazis their main strength and who in France collaborate with them and sustained Vichy.” Written by Henry Fairlie of the Washington Post of the delegates at the Republican Convention of 1980.

The aristocratic sensibilities of the modern intellectual are yet with us. Expect these lines in other forms to be repeated again and again by elites during the upcoming Republican Convention. The reality is that “the people” offend them.

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