My Thoughts Following Hillary’s Escape

Justice Roberts and Jim Comey are twins. At the moment when we counted on them to keep the American soul intact, they stunned us with their incomprehensible rulings that struck at the heart of justice. They poured fuel on the fires of American anger at the “rigged system,” convincing the people that rather than simply making mistakes in judgment there is instead the intent to do harm and protect the political class.

We are beginning to look like Latin America with its oligarchies and political/economic/cultural elites built on the backs of the people. Michael Novak makes much of the two very different paths the North American and South American continents took in governance at their founding, with two very different results. Now we are merging together, complete with an increasingly fragile stability. Now it is that some groups, some people, some classes are favored in our Courts, our Congress, our Executive.

Lady Justice no longer has a blindfold. She looks upon the people and chooses who gets shut out of justice and even who has a chance to speak and what words they can use. To highjack Ray Bradbury’s title, “Something Wicked This Way Comes.”

Facing this tide of darkness rolling in is the work of the good citizen. It is not convenient, cheap or easy. Reputations will be put at risk and cultural, economic and political oppression will have to be endured.

Choose liberty and embrace the fray.

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