The Sovereign Nation State Lives

Congratulations to Great Britain on reclaiming its future, moving away from the spirit of collectivism, and taking its place as an ally of the US at the international table.

This shines a bright light on the moral and cultural chaos that is Europe and leaves Merkel to her own consequences, no longer to be shared by GBers.

It is out of the independence of many nations, preserving their unique identities and peculiar institutions as well as responsibilities, that we have the greater hope for human flourishing. Centralized planning always picks winners and losers, necessarily discriminates against certain classes of people and advantages others.

Some see the nation state as the old order that must necessarily vanish in this age of globalization. It is accused of being narrow, even racist, and dominated by self-interest. FA Hayek has certainly pointed out that independent and free peoples in markets and states are our best chance of prosperity. The diminution of bordered states erases the necessary competitiveness that stokes the creative impulse of self-reliance.

In a dark time Bexit sends a signal that chaos and a descent into passivity before the great challenges of our times is not the final word.

This is a good day for FREEDOM.