The Benefits of Belief – Peter Kreeft

Peter Kreeft is an all-time fav. He is a professional philosopher, now retired from Boston College. If he has written it, I read it. And that’s a lot of reading! My first love in teaching is philosophy, and Kreeft has been a huge help. Students love his stuff. InterVarsity Press publishes a good numer of his books. He is a courageous man, deeply supportive of the prolife cause, something that gets you in serious trouble in our culture, especially in the university world where Kreeft has labored.

He is a convert from Evangelicalism to Roman Catholicism, a decision he made back in his college days. Yet he is not a severe critic of his former clan and supports us in our moral, social, marital world views. He even thinks Luther got the Reformation right!!!

This video will not only help you, but it will indicate why you should read and listen to more Kreeft.

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