Are Christians the Root Cause of the Orlando Massacre? The NYT Thinks So

Sadly, at this moment Christians are being held accountable for the conditions that allowed for the Orlando massacre to happen. I just read this article by David French.

A Muslim man walked into a gay nightclub and gunned down 49 men and women, most of them gay or lesbian. He paused in the middle of his massacre to call 911 and a local television station, making clear that he wanted the world to know he had pledged allegiance to ISIS. There are no dog whistles here. This is a textbook example of jihadism in action, plain and simple. Yet somehow, Omar Mateen’s massacre has put American Christians on the defensive. Yesterday, Anderson Cooper grilled Florida attorney general Pam Bondi, accusing her of hypocrisy for expressions of support for slain Floridians. Why was she hypocritical? Because she opposed same-sex marriage…

The New York Times editorialized about the domestic threat to LGBT Americans and declared that they were “casualties of a society where hate has deep roots.” The “society” the Times condemned wasn’t the ISIS caliphate — it was America, and specifically states such as Texas and North Carolina that are fighting federal edicts that demand that men should have access to women’s restrooms. The Times couldn’t bring itself to condemn Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, but it attacked North Carolina governor Pat McCrory and Texas governor Greg Abbott.

One wishes that this kind of self-defense did not need to be said during these tragic days. But it does need to be said. The New York Times has virtually accused Christians of doing everything but pulling the trigger. Anderson Cooper is holding Christians accountable for not tweeting is support of Gay Pride, directly asserting that if they did not, then their expressions of sympathy now are insincere and hypocritical. This is journalistic terrorism to a degree we have not seen. It is bald, irrational, demagogic, and without a serious critique of Islam’s blunt and brutal dehumanization of gays, and not just overseas but here in America.

Rod Dreher commented: “The New York Times‘s attempt to smear the blood of the Orlando dead onto Republican politicians who have at various levels opposed gay marriage and/or transgender bathroom rights laws, should be seen as a religious act, a cursing of sorts, an anathematization, a disfellowshipping. When conservative Christian leader Russell Moore reached out to gays and lesbians in the aftermath of Orlando to express sorrow and solidarity, he was affirming our common humanity as prior to other divisions between us. But again, those sentiments, however genuinely felt by Moore et al., are taken as ritually impure. When gay activist Zack Ford refused those sentiments, and said that until Moore and those like him actually changed their views to fully affirm LGBTs, their sympathies are worthless.” Here is the full post.

Such words by Dreher and French have to be spoken because gay activists are forcing this issue and leveraging the Orlando massacre to demand that their flag be saluted. Millions upon millions of Christians cannot and will not do so, any more than they were willing to offer a pinch of incense to Caesar-harmless in the eyes of the pagans but dramatic betrayal in the eyes of early Christian believers.

Sadly we are forced to state our case anew and refuse this unjust and bullying demand. We will pray for, serve, and honor all people. We will not deny Christ.

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