What’s At Stake in Brexit

What lies at the root of the eurozone crisis and the chaos in Greece? Why are long-established political parties in decline throughout Europe while protest parties covering the entire political spectrum are on the rise? Why is Great Britain planning a referendum on whether Britain should leave the European Union? Does all of this portend real change in Europe, or will the political elites succeed in further pursuing their agenda of creating a unified Europe without meaningful accountability to voters? Many in the European Union see the EU, the world’s first model of “supranational governance,” as a forerunner of a global legal order that would promote peace, democracy and stability throughout the world. But can this be accomplished, and can it be accomplished by democratic means? And what are the implications for Europe’s relations with the United States, the most powerful nation-state in the world?

Here is a response from Todd Huizinga was an U.S. diplomat from 1992-2012,

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