Mark Tooley Responds to Charge Declaration of Independence Is Racist

Yep. You read that right. Native American activist Mark Charles, as the opening plenary speaker at the evangelical Justice Conference in Chicago, denounced the Declaration of Independence as “systemically racist.” Charles apparently also denounced the Constitution as racist and told his audience: “Everything you own is stolen.”

It is getting very crazy in Evangelical Disneyland. Intellectual dishonesty and shallowness is “in.” Say the faddish things, saddle up to the progressives wherever you can, be chic, and above all denounce the US. Don’t give it a break.

Mark Tooley of the Institute of Religion and Democracy responds here. Tooley is used to this weirdness since he is an activist for conservative renewal in the United Methodist Church. It is absolutely mind-bending to look at the forces set loose in the denomination. Tooley relies on the worldwide communion of Methodism to stand against progressive American Methodists, particularly the African branch of the family. They are the ones driving white progressives mad.

I check in each day with Tooley on Twitter and the IRD website. He does not back away from the fray, but neither is he a shrill voice.

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