Agreeing with Susan Sarandon Feels Weired

Not sure the last time I quoted Susan Sarandon 🙂 but I surely agree with her when it comes to Hillary Clinton.

Sarandon made the argument that the Democratic presidential front-runner was “more dangerous” than presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump on the foreign policy grounds. Sarandon said in an interview that she viewed Clinton as more of an interventionist than Trump and predicted Clinton would push to be involved in Iran if elected.

If Hillary is elected we go to war. This is what I believed about both President Bushes and never voted for either and why I would not vote for Jeb. I agree with the GOP nominee that the Iraq war was a chosen war based upon a pretext. Throwing away the lives of our young men and women is ruthless. The sufferings and debts are destructive of both the conscience and moral fabric of our country. This war instinct seems to be little more than a “because we can” phenomenon, a bully instinct. This might be the last time I agree with Sarandon, but I do want to thank her for this moment of political collaboration. 🙂

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