Why Donald Trump and Boris Johnson?

Why Donald Trump and Boris Johnson? It occurs to me that the very way the Left fights its battles requires adversaries that do not utilize the genteel way that the George Wills and Bill Kristol of this world prefer.

The Left’s basic tool is shaming and moral superiority, “the kind of good people Americans are,” to use the President’s words. Their most basic charge against the Right is that ‘you hate-we love.’ Romney, McCain, Bush came to this kind of battle unarmed. They simply don’t know how to respond to moral and verbal bullying. Trump and Johnson are more than capable at a verbal knife fight.

Most Republicans are very uncomfortable with this. They are not street fighters. The Left loves it. It’s what they do. From the LGBT, to Black Lives Matter, to Bernie’s squads, to La Raza, etc., verbal broadsides and uncivil disruptions are the daily menu. And not just verbal. Physical harassment is part of the game, too.

But Trump and Johnson can street fight, too. Republicans complain. It’s not really about party platforms, policies, etc. No. It should be, but it’s not. It’s about who can bully who and end up being the alpha male or female.

Republicans don’t want to do it this way. Some had rather lose than do it this way. Still, I think this is the way the contest is being played out.

The Vile Language of Some Anti-Brexiters

The vile language, and I mean vile, of some anti-Brexiters is chilling. So many absolutely out of control.

I follow not a few British authors, intellectuals, cultural leaders. It’s like someone threw a switch and they all at one time went into the language gutter. Who r these people? Not likeable.

I wouldn’t be the first to make this observation, but in this case I am responding to my own observations of the conduct.

Don’t kid yourself. The Left has a mean streak and an authoritarian instinct.

I once heard from a Pastor who was reflecting on church leadership and how many ministries do the best to minimize the laity. He stated what he perceived to be their attitude in a way that has stayed with me: “the masses are asses.”

So the anti-Brexiters. They are not, in fact, democratic. They reserve for themselves the levers of decision-making. When the common man, the forgotten man, rises up and demands a place at the table, he find that the people who write the books he reads, who sing the songs they sing, produce the TV shows they watch, etc., look down upon them as so much chaff that they can afford to cast to the wind.