Massachusetts Mourn the Loss of Barbara Anderson

Taxpayers mourn the loss of Barbara Anderson of Citizens for Limited Taxation. She was at the top of her game when I moved to Massachusetts in 1988. Of her many accomplishments the most notable was Proposition 2 1/2, which kept property taxes from rising more than 2 1/2% a year without an override by the voters of the town or city in which the taxpayer resided. Can you imagine what our property tax bills would be without Barbara Anderson?

She was fierce, funny, and knew exactly where to land the punch. She never came into money and ran CLT on volunteers and a shoestring. In every way she spoke for the man and woman on the street. She is also responsible for the repeal of the state income tax surtax and defeating a graduated income tax ballot question. As the Legislature tried to tie property tax increases to inflation years later, Anderson fought every attempt by the Legislature to modify the law.

The wily one-party Democratic legislature kept trying to figure out ways around 2 1/2, but Barbara was always there watching every move. No one has risen up to take her place. Makes me nervous.

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