Chicago and Trump On My Mind

After  Chicago happenings in the Trump campaign, my mind went back to the 60s. I remember thinking, as everybody was, that our country was simply going to melt. The assasinations of the Kennedys, Medgar Evers and MLK, the deaths in Vietnam and massive, continual protests, the rise of groups like the Weathermen and the Black Panthers, George Wallace running for President, riots and fires in Watts, Detroit and other urban areas, the Democratic National Convention in Chicago, Watergate, not to mention the feelings of anarchy on campuses along with the burgeoning drug culture. Accompanying this were movies like Dirty Harry, Death Wish, etc. Soon there was the gas crisis and the malaise of the Carter presidency which lost control of basic leadership functions. It was all a tough episode.
And then all of a sudden it was over, like the turning of a page. Students were back to majoring in business and carrying their brief cases, and the political wheels were turning to the time Ronald Reagan would be elected President. For those of you too young to remember, this is not seldom the American cycle. Democracy is not neat and tidy. It unleashes terrible forces even as it shines a bright light. Our hope has been that the light is brighter than the darkness. We do know what is worse – tyranny and the rise of the Great Leader. Immerse yourself in democracy, which will take courage, fortitude and constant vigilance. If you want an easy way out of turbulence, this would be a mistake. The easy way soon turns to the dark way.
BTW, one of the signs that the clouds are darkening for a time is the number of times Dirty Harry and Death Wish play on TV. It is my impression that they are being shown more and more. The frustration over lawlessness and the indolence of law enforcement to keep order spills over into vigilantism.

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