Schama Shaming

Simon Schama of “The Story of The Jews” fame (I will be using a video of his in class this week) and a serious and entertaining public intellectual posts on Twitter – “The Trump legions, overwhelmingly those without a college education, electing the Wizard of Deals more compelling than getting that degree.”

This kind of arrogance and condescension on the part of the elite only drives suspicions deeper. Democracy requires education to thrive, for sure. No argument here. But this shaming of the “unwashed masses” weakens our republican experiment, based as it is on the common man. My mother had an 8th grade education, my dad only high school. How wonderfully wise and kind they were and how courageous with moral vision for the good and the true. Schama forgets it was the university that collapsed before the force of Nazi propaganda, not to mention the educated clergy.

And no, this has nothing to do with my choice of a candidate.

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