Just Saw “99 Homes” – Here’s some impressions (no spoilers)

I did have the opportunity to go see “99 Homes” today. No spoiler alerts here, but some observations for you. BTW, many of the supporting actors were people actually evicted from their homes.
1. The Rotten Tomatoes ratings were right on. They gave it a 90.
2. The movie is about the wrongs and not many rights of the financial industry in the home market. But the only place I could find to see it was in the artsy theatres in rich towns in the western Boston suburbs. In other words, it seems to be more available to the haves than the have nots. What’s up with that? Psychologically interesting, though I am sure money is behind that, too.
3. The question floats up from the film – when you are all out of solutions and there is nothing, literally nothing, left, what door do you knock on? Have you been there? When I was doing DivorceCare, I can’t tell you how many women I met from our ritzy suburbs living in their cars and on canned foods from a church pantry. They couldn’t sleep, were skin and bones and not a scent of hope. So where do you go? Where do you go? Pleaaase support a ministry that opens that door!!!
4. The movie does present both sides of the issue, though barely. It is skewed toward the evicted, as you would imagine. But you come away with the impression that people are just doing life and not paying attention. They trust. Mistake #1. Of course, there are the people who did everything right but got hit by things they could not know. I think Dave Ramsay is right on this one – you are never where you need to be unless you have 6 months of salary available to you in cash. This is so far beyond the imaginings of the working poor or even most of the middle class. But it is a lesson proved over and over again. As a Pastor I have seen very high income people without any, I mean any, safety net. It’s a bit hard to fathom working with a family making $200,000 requesting help from the Deacons fund.
5. Good people sometimes win. Bad people sometimes win. When bad people have the government on their side, bad people win.
6. One of the other questions I think the film poses – does moral sensitivity set you up to be a loser?
I am just a couple of hours out of the movie. I’m thinking… I’ll be in touch.

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