“99 Homes” Keeps Alive the 2008 Housing Collapse. You Remember That, Don’t You?

“99 Homes” a movie coming out this this week that I have to see. Tim Makatos reviews the movie at The American Conservative.

In “99 Homes,” opening nationwide this week, director Ramin Bahrani seeks to put these recent victims of foreclosure back on the map. Though it sounds like the stuff of documentary, the film has the build of a thriller. Right from the movie’s dizzying opening shot, Bahrani ratchets the intensity up to 11, lending a near-apocalyptic quality to the anxiety of the dispossessed at the story’s center. To see a family gripped by the fear of losing their home at any given moment is one thing; to feel it, as we do watching this film unravel, is another.

This is a movie I want to see. I continue to seethe a bit (actually more than just a bit) when I remember the 2008 housing collapse and those who engineered the bubble. The quantity of suffering is immeasurable. The people walking among us who were scarred is legion. The vast numbers who cashed out of the stock market to protect what little savings they had left during the 2008 crash we can now meet stocking shelves at Walmart.

“Street guy” is once again the dupe who picks up the tab for the “haves” in the financial industry and in the government. It is all a nightmare. And for so many the dark is dark still. True reform has dropped off the map with a few tips of the hat to Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders. I just don’t find too many out there for whom this is a present issue.

The Federal Reserve continues to use monetary policy to manipulate markets and war on seniors who have to be in the stock market to make it because interest rates are kept so artificially low. There was a time that relatively stable bonds could finance a moderate retirement. Now certain others in the Fed are putting out the word about negative interest rates – you will actually have to pay financial institutions to keep your money.

The church is virtually silent as its spends its moral capital on race relations and multi-generational poverty. Middle class wage earners apparently aren’t worth the moral outrage. I do wonder why the church is silent. Maybe race relations and urban poverty are low hanging fruit that is relatively easy to identify. White collar crime not so much.

I wonder who is carrying this torch in the church. Anyone out there? Is anyone out there? Fox News has a show on real estate on Saturdays at noon that features the housing disasters in Las Vegas and its continuing effect as families are still trying to cope with what happened.

I ask you to make room in your schedule to see this movie, as I will. Keep the memory of this suffering alive and in the news.

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