The Concerns and Style of Robert George of Princeton- A Short Introduction

Here is a short video by Robert George on “Why We’re Losing Liberty.” Aside from the topic itself, this video will give you some idea of Robert George’s style of communication, both in tone and rationality. At the center of his concerns is that the kinds of social engineering being enacted at the Federal level will require expanded government, particularly the police and the courts, the two major players in the breakdown of the family. The more families disintegrate the more disputatious the parties and the less attention to the welfare of children, leading to growth of anti-social behaviors. Here is where more policing is required, not to mention the growing adversarial adult relationships. Our courts are working overtime to deal with what flows from family breakdown.

Here also is a general introduction to George’s use of Natural Law Theory. This is required reading for those who think the individual Christian (or otherwise) should attempt to influence the State, which is increasingly brought into doubt by Evangelical Pastors. This is especially surprising in light of the new focus on Dietrich Bonhoeffer. In their minds the church is essentially a mercy ministry, sweeping up the State’s disastrous decisions. To use Ronald Rolheiser metaphor, the church picks out bodies floating downstream but never wanders upstream to see where those bodies are coming from.

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