Piper’s Six-Part Video Series on Christian Hedonism

Here is John Piper’s six-part video series on Christian Hedonism. I teach Christian Hedonism in my ethics class when we cover Aristotle. Aristotle taught what we call teleological ethics, that is, purposive ethics. All things have purpose. There are no bare existences. All existences demonstrate purpose-a chair is for sitting, a light for shining, a table for holding, a bed for sleeping, etc.

So what is the purpose for human beings? By discrete observation we understand that the unique purpose of persons is happiness, or joy. This is what we do, what we are for. We are constantly trying to be happy, even when we sacrifice our happiness for others. In that act, we find our happiness in being the kind of person who sacrifices. It is impossible to escape. The next question is how do we find this happiness that we seek? Aristotle goes on to describe his answer. Piper answers that question from the Bible, we find it in desiring God. I think it is biblically true, psychologically true and scientifically true.

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