Women and the Priesthood – A video of Dr. Peter Kreeft’s View

Ever since I first read and listened to Dr. Peter Kreeft, I have been a fan. His communication style is based on the wisdom and style of CS Lewis, whom Kreeft admits is the well from which he drinks. I have read all his books, and there are a few of them, except for his new novel, which is on my list. The older I get the longer that list gets. Ugh!!!

Perhaps one of the reasons I listen so closely to Kreeft is that as a convert to Roman Catholicism, he was one of us, an Evangelical Protestant at Calvin College. He knows the issues we struggle with because he struggled with them, too. He communicates like a Protestant, it feels, and speaks for the Great Tradition in ways that Protestants can appreciate.

Kreeft is a courageous man, speaking for the authority of the RC church and its moral positions in a time of moral anarchy and a squishy church that is afraid of morality. But he does not speak of morality as a school marm but in dialogue with unbelief and Ā spiritual anarchy. He makes it compelling, attractive and a dream come true, Chesterton like.

As a college philosophy prof at Boston College, a RC school, he has found that the one thing students, even faithful Christian students, cannot tolerate is the restriction of the priesthood to males. Kreeft takes is on. If you do not have a large view of the church, some of these arguments will not make much of a difference to you. Of course, then his point would be to ask why you do not have a large view of the church. Then he moves on to show the wisdom of the church through time and space in rejecting women priestesses as normative for the church. Very much worth the listen.

Here it is.

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