Yes, I Am Reading the Proposed Nuclear Deal with Iran

I can’t say I want to do it, but I believe I have to do it. Not really sure where I stand on this deal. The voices are loud and the warnings shrill.

I am 66 and have had a lifetime of witnessing Iran as a bad actor. Any deal based on the smallest smidgeon of trust rankles me. But I had the same response to the treaties with the Soviet Union. I have to do my best to make sure that I, in this case, actually know what the President is proposing we do with respect to Iran’s nuclear aspirations.

It seems that the simplest thing to do is to say “no” to any country that wants any kind of nuclear capability. Just “no.” No to all, friends as well as foes. Just when I thought a nuclear race was off the table, here we are. And now it on the agenda of my children’s children for the rest of their lives. Ugh!!!

And now I have to go and read 159 pages of “government speak.” There is a better way to spend a Saturday.

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