The Ending of “1984” and Legalization of SSM

John Piper tweeted out “State school. There is now no legal way for your children to be taught any normal view of human sexuality.” Very sad. The children are put on the front lines in this clash. Many, many parents are not going to do it – they will be the great withdrawal of salt and light from public institutions leading to increase of public moral confusion as to what the good even is. Children will be baptized into runaway sexuality as those with aberrant sexual agendas rush into the school system. There is now no legal way to build fences in our school systems.

This is not going to be limited to SSM. Boston area schools demonstrate this. The horror stories are already out there. The response of the State to the increase of religious schooling and homeschooling will be cool, at best, and eventually it is likely those who choose this way will feel the outright animus of the State.

George Orwell in his 1984 comments that if you want to know what the future will look like, imagine a boot on the neck.

Check out Canada as churches struggle with managing their religious life with the legality of SSM. It’s not pretty.

All this struggle is far beyond the easy shibboleth that people should just be able to love one another. I think many good people simply want not to interfere with how someone else sees happiness. This is a good instinct of good people. So many people I admire and really like feel this way. But it is not and cannot be this simple. What flows out of this instinct does is not static. It moves, has direction and a certain speed. They will be surprised what comes in through the gate they wished to be opened.

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