JD Greer asserts it makes the Christian less vengeful. This makes both biblical and rational sense to me, but those who move away from penal substitutionary atonement theory constantly harp on the ‘violence begats violence mantra and as a rule simply avoid the contrary evidence.

I know PSAT. I grew up with it. I studied it in seminary and beyond. I continue to be current in atonement scholarship. And yet the number of times I hear the objection mentioned above sounds like a drum beat, as it saying it makes it so. Even Evangelicals who admit to it often make it only an option among many theories, barely equal, if that.

I tend to agree with JI Packer that PSAT is not a metaphor or theory. It IS the Gospel. Jesus died in my place to pay the penalty which God must wage against sin. This does make God a moral monster, per Brian Zahnd. To even hear this said hurts my soul and offends my conscience. But it is part of hipster Evangelicalism, as ispacifism and anti-Zionism. They seem to be a package deal these days.

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