Rod Dreher On Richard Hays’ “Retirement” at Duke Divinity School Over His Support for the United Methodist Support for Heterosexual Marriage

“Was Richard Hays Eich’d at Duke?” Richard Hays, prof at Duke Divinity School, not a bastion of conservative theological thought, has defended and supported the United Methodist view that same sex marriage is out of bounds and in contrast to the LGBT concern over “heteronormativity.” Rod Dreher comments, “I think it reasonable to ask if Hays was Eich’d — that is, if the dean of an official United Methodist divinity school was effectively forced out for stating official United Methodist teaching on homosexuality, and holding that same teaching himself, even as he commits himself to upholding tolerance and a diversity of viewpoints within the academic community he leads.”

This would be most interesting, if true – a United Methodist theologian supporting the UM position at a UM school forced out?

The price being paid for supporting orthodox moral positions is getting higher and higher. This will not go on forever. Blow back at some point will happen when the outrageousness of it all becomes too much. But in the meantime the battle is bloody and sweaty down in the trenches of churches and their denominations that are being taken too far by PC trends.

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