Maybe One More Conference Before We Outlaw Conferences For Awhile

At some point I thought there might be a Peak Conference (as in, this is the last one) for roiling and bubbling Evangelicalism. I don’t think I have ever seen so many conferences advertised. They sort of blend and blur in my mind.

But there is one conference that stands out to me, sponsored by THINK and Andrew Wilson, a UK scholar and Pastor. The conference will spend it time in exegeting a book of the Bible, 1 Corinthians. Haven’t quite seen something like this, but it intrigues me. Moving away from fads and techniques, this kind of conference promises to move not from culture to the Bible looking for proof texts but from the Bible to culture looking for direction. The emphasis on scholarship, textual complexity (not everything is ‘as clear as the nose on your face,’ a la John MacArthur) and careful exegesis seems like an appetizing menu for church leaders who are often starved for communities of serious biblical enquiry. I like Andrew Wilson. Have listened to and read his stuff for some time. He is a mainstream Evangelical with orthodox Christian moral commitment and a sophistication of scholarly tools that keeps Evangelicalism rooted in intelligence. I think he has a too high a view of NT Wright but at least doesn’t drift into the too easy and fairly predictable responses of the TGC. Give it a look. Of course, the conference is in England. Just my luck.

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