My Very Unholy “Holy Week”

I began Holy Week with the flu Sharon and I shared, three very special days together that won’t soon be forgotten, I should say. Then with no appetite or eating there were some more than usual personal responsibilities during the days and three four-hour evening sessions (plus class preps) that each got me home a good bit after 11 PM, I ending up with a two hour dentist visit on Maundy Thursday.

I can’t remember having to drag myself through days upon days with such a feeling of being drained. I had hoped to make this week especially “spiritual.” Then it occurred to me. I had! Holy Week was an onslaught of diminishment and drain for our Lord, sheer weakening and surprising endurance, sweating drops of blood. My affliction was pale and virtually nothing in comparison, but I was constantly being reminded of the Savior’s last week of sheer faithfulness in the midst of drain. Guess my Holy Week was more holy than I had planned for.

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