Who Owns Luther? A Response to Carl Trueman’s New Bio

So, who owns Martin Luther? Here is an article that gives a thoughtful response to Carl Trueman’s new bio. It’s a good read.  book, “Luther on the Christian Life.” It really is hard to get enough of Luther. The man rages through church history and nothing is quite the same afterwards.

I find myself sometimes less inclined to listen to Luther’s overstatement, rages, harshness, etc. But at other times I need the man back in my life to snap me back into Gospel awareness and readiness to tighten up slack lines in the never ending battle for Gospel simplicity and Gospel sharpness.

Trueman fits Luther’s style to some degree. Witty, iconoclastic, willingness to say what everyone is thinking, and then willingness to say what we should be thinking but are not. Interestingly enough, Trueman does all this in the service of a rather fossilized Orthodox Presbyterian version of the church. I once had a nightmare when I was studying at Westminster Seminary that I was called to be Pastor of an OPC right next to the seminary. I still remember the dream and the dread in it. 🙂

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