The Millennial Pastor has posted this compilation of sermons, one of which you are likely to hear on Christmas Eve. That is, even if your Pastor preaches on Christmas Eve. I mean, how could anybody be interested in a sermon on Christmas Eve? The place is filled with C&E people, so let’s delete the sermon! Pastors are constantly dismissing themselves and selling short how God uses a preacher with an open Bible in his hand standing in front of the church. Somehow they have drawn the conclusion that we don’t want to hear from them. WE DO!!

Take the risk, Pastor. Don’t rely on programs and children and music to make up for your retreat from the pulpit.

Yes, it takes work to offer sermons for special occasions. The pressure is up, the communication is a bit more complicated by a mixed audience, the program is already packed full by musicians more than willing to take the Pastor’s place if he has nothing to say, the demands for inspiration seem to be through the roof when the place is packed. Hitting a home run seems against the odds.

But at least get on base, Pastor. You can do it. Prepare for those 15 to 20 minutes or so. Your congregation has brought their non-Christian family, who are willing once a year to darken the doors of a church. They need to get close to the Christmas story. Some people picked you after a Google search and wouldn’t know one church from another. Yours is close by and the service time is right.  Loved ones home for Christmas are there to warm their hands at the fire of memories of your church in years gone by. Families for the first time in a long time are all together in a pew and need a Gospel truth to create harmony at home. Many are hurt, lonely and depressed, filled with regrets at wasted Christmases. And your not going to preach?????

Step boldly into that moment and declare the Gospel of peace the best you can – out of sincerity, out a knowledge of God’s Word, out of full confidence and assurance.

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