Downloaded Today “The Loveliness of Christ” E-book at Banner of Truth

Downloaded today “Loveliness of Christ,” by Samuel Rutherford. The beauty of Christ has always been my heartbreaker. He is the Lily of the Valley, the Rose of Sharon. He is lovely above all men, a sympathizing High Priest. I think this is what turned me more into a Pietist than a doctrine man, as much as I love knowledge. This explains my sympathy with John Wesley’s “If your heart be as my heart, then take my hand.” The book contains short extracts in which some of Rutherford s most helpful thoughts are allowed to stand out in their brilliance. It available at Banner of Truth for a Kindle download. Amazon does not have a kindle download of it. $2.00. Much to meditate upon. For example, “Wants are my best riches, for I find these supplied by Christ,” and “I urge upon you… a near communion with Christ and a growing communion. There are curtains to be drawn back in Christ that we never saw, and new foldings in Him.I despair that ever I shall win to the far end of that love,there are so many plies in it; therefore dig deep, and sweat, and labor, and take pains for Him, and set by so much time in the day for Him as you can: He will be won with labor.”

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