We Were Going There Anyway!! President Obama Took the Shorter Path

I am a conservative and in no way pleased with our nation’s lawlessness and the increasing irrelevance of the Constitution. The President has added to the chaos. This is one of my consistent concerns about his Presidential “unleadership.” He does not lead. He upsets and confuses in a petulant manner. For him there is no honorable opposition. He demeans and diminishes those with sincerely held convictions that are different than his own.

However, he is doing now what we were going to do anyway. We were not going to do major deportation of those we allowed to be in this country illegally. Nor were we going to continue to tolerate the dissonance created by allowing these immigrants into our country but making sure they never became part of America but only cheaper labor made available to other American’s aspirations. For years there was no political will to shut this down until it became too public to ignore.

My hope is that this is the road to full border security and a lesson learned the hard way. Like slavery, when we learned the devastation that comes from an unquenchable desires to have cheap sources of labor, we again sought the same and again reap the dark consequences.

My hope is also that we will reflect more deeply on what it means to be a Constitutional democratic republic. Even as conservatives fire themselves up for pushback and “street guy” is stirred by the phenomenon of rewarding bad behavior, maybe we will flee back to being a nation of laws and quit playing with utopian schemes that demand totalitarian methods. Utopian dreams always lead to totalitarian methods. Democracy is never nourished by ignoring laws passed by the elected representatives of the people. The people will get the message that the game is fixed and their anger will grow.

Let’s lick our wounds and get back to work.

3 thoughts on “We Were Going There Anyway!! President Obama Took the Shorter Path

  1. I see some troubling issues within our government that give me great concern: Congress paralysis to do anything meaningful–the art of compromise is lost on this branch of government. The activist judges that occupy many judicial decisions and finally the President’s arrogance and action by executive order. However, the Scriptures teach us to care for the dispossessed and marginalized amongst us. What then do we do with children born in this Country whose parents are illegal immigrants? And with the illegal immigrant parents? My heart and mind tell me to welcome them and minister to them and give them the Good News. The President on some level is doing what needs to be done for this group of people. They are here and we have work to do.

    I agree we must seal the border and enact real immigration reform within Constitutional boundaries.

  2. The reality is that for decades we were allowing cheap labor to flow over borders. We couldn’t justify it legally but we tolerated it and did not rise up against it with anything approaching zeal. Now that this cheap labor has gained critical mass, we are going to pay the price. Yes, they are here illegally. And yes, business wanted access to their labor. And yes, our citizenry benefitted by the fruit of their labor. No one stopped it for years. It seems to me that the only thing left to do is insist on closed borders, clamp down on businesses, and learn our lesson.

  3. Don,

    Your first paragraph is an accurate description of our President. His failure to lead is appalling. Congressional gridlock is not now and has never been a reason to ignore the Constitution. Gridlock is nothing new. In his book “Undaunted Courage,” Stephen Ambrose reminds us that Thomas Jefferson and his Republican Party were always at odds with the Federalist Party. A good President learns to work with his opponents. Ronald Reagan was a consensus builder. In the book “Team of Rivals,” we find that Abraham Lincoln was a political genius. By selecting three men for his cabinet who had originally treated him with utter contempt, Lincoln showed he had a deep understanding of human behavior.

    Petulance is an exceedingly undesirable quality in a President. For me, this Presidency cannot end soon enough.

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