Thomas Oden’s New Memoir Just Published by InterVarsity Press

A must read for me – “A Change of Heart: A Personal and Theological Memoir” by Thomas Oden. Oden has given credence to a movement he calls PaleoOthordoxy. This is a commitment to the theological stance of the church of the first five centuries. He moved from the liberalism of mainline Methodism to Orthodoxy as expressed by the Church Fathers. He is editor of the highly acclaimed series The Ancient Christian Commentary published by InterVarsity Press, which seeks to exegete the biblical text by referencing the Fathers. I could never afford them, though mostly the reason I did not get them is that at this point in my life I am jettisoning physical books. They are on cd-rom. I have read a good amount of his stuff and feel very comfortable with his attempt to stay attached to the early church as authoritative and keepers of boundaries and balance. His thesis that North African Christianity is essentially the model that now prevails in the church, particularly the Western Church. It is a bit ironic that the West is guided in it exegesis and church government by African forms. IVP has just published his autobiography. As often is the case, IVP does not release books in e-book format. This is a serious gripe I have against IVP and have written them about it. One would think a publishing house sensitive to the campus would keep up with the times and do the digital thing. I tend to think it’s all about the money and not the electronics. Be that as it may, I will beg or borrow this book from someone, somewhere, somehow. If I had to do my ministry all over again, I would preach the Scriptures by opening up the Fathers for my congregations as a primary obligation.

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