A New Bio of BB Warfield Soon to Be Published

Kim Riddlebarger is the author of a biography of Benjamin Breckinridge Warfield (d.1921), professor at Princeton Theological Seminary, to be published in Jan 2015, “The Lion of Princeton,” by Lexham Press. It’s on my list.

BB Warfield is an all time fav of mine. I have read a large portion of his stuff and look to him as a fully biblical man seeking to be faithful not only to orthodox theology but to explicit passages of Holy Scripture. It was about the Bible for BB. We named my second son in his honor, though Sharon would not let me insert the “Breckinridge.” Doesn’t Benjamin Breckinridge Bryant sound wonderful? Are you with me? No? Let’s not let Sharon know. It took three days for us to decide on Ben’s name. We finally had to in order for him to leave the hospital.

Some may ask how an Arminian like myself could have Warfield as a favorite? After all, it was he who said that Calvinism is simply Christianity come into its own. Actually back in the day I was a mild Calvinist. Further study led me away from High Calvinism. Still, he would have remained in that position because of his high view of the Bible and his insistence that doctrine be grounded in its text. His method of handling the Bible is an example for all. And his courage to teach what the Bible taught makes him first chair. I have used in every church I have served Warfield’s simple equation, “the Bible says equals God says.” Of course, after I say this, not long afterward the church acts surprised to find I really believe it.

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