Chaput on the Significance of Gay Marriage

Carl Trueman reflects on Roman Catholic  Archbishop of Philadelphia Charles Chaput’s 2014 Erasmus Lecture, ‘Strangers in a Strange Land.’  It’s worth the read. The quick point: whereas the 1973 Roe v Wade ruling makes abortion legal based on whether or not human life is present founded on chronology, the the legitimizing of gay marriage represented not simply a sin within a legitimate reality but a fundamental rejection of human nature. This is, according to Chaput, a tipping point that makes this moment most perilous.

Here is the article.

What We Were Told Back Then- Robert George Examines the “Evolution” of Same Sex Marriage by Its Defenders

Robert George is a fav. He is a Natural Law theorist at Princeton who appeals to reason as sufficient to demonstrate that same sex marriage is not marriage. While he is a Roman Catholic, he has a high regard for the capacity of reason to explore and reach defendable conclusions about the nature of the moral order as a real thing. Protestants are suspicious of Natural Law, seeing, as they do, the mind as fallen, tainted by Original Sin. Their preferred vantage point for describing moral absolutes is “thus saith the Lord,” quoting chapter and verse. While it is true that unregenerate man is tainted by sin and uses reason to suppress knowledge of the truth, humans do not become animals operating only by instinct. They remain in the image of God and through His grace are able to seek after Him and His ways, drawing sufficient conclusions that make them responsible to a recognized moral order.

In this talk, Robert George compares what same sex marriage defenders told us 15 or 20 years ago and what these same proponents say today. Then they asserted that they did not want to attack the traditional definition of marriage but only make it accessible to the gay and lesbian community. Today the very definition of marriage is put on the chopping block. Marriage has been redefined by them only as companionship with no demand for permanence or even exclusivity. In other words, under their influence marriage is merely a name for companionship. Sexual reproductive complementarity is not essential to marriage.


Here is the link to George’s presentation at the Institute of Religion and Democracy’s Diane Knipper’s Memorial Lecture, October 16, 2024. It is irritatingly formatted into 11 parts so that you have to see more ads. When you get through with the first one the next one will automatically load, but you will have to click through an ad. It is all worth the labor and distraction.

George’s argument in full is in his book What Is Marriage? It is not an easy book. Go slow, be patient and the power of his argument will come together before your eyes.

Eric Metaxas’ Message at the Family Life Institute Banquet

Eric Metaxas gave a wonderful message at the Family Life Institute Banquet last week. In it he recommends that everyone send a Bible to the Mayor of Houston to clarify for her the message that will be preached from church pulpits. Many Pastors are sending to her their sermons. If you have no sermon to send, then the Bible will do. Here is Metaxas’ message.