I Really Like Peter Enns And Wish His Project Was More Positive and He Dealt With Jesus More

Enns is one of the few biblical scholar that makes me laugh out loud. The man has wit!! In spades!! I really do want to like his stuff on the Bible. Whatever he writes I will read. I just can’t go down his path.

Andrew Wilson explains why in his CT article “The Bible Is More Than ‘Mystery'”. As he puts it, “Peter Enns makes the case that Scripture doesn’t tell us everything. So does it tell us anything?” His conclusion is that Enns would think not so much.

I have always thought that Enns posture and attitude is more revealed in his ubiquitous interviews. His books don’t so clearly speak of the problem that he really thinks the Bible is. It reminds me of President Jimmy Carter telling us how hard it was to handle all the challenges he was facing as President. And then President Reagan came along and made it look easy. Carter made things worst than they had to be and spent a lot of time extinguishing hope.

Enns seems to make the Bible harder than it has to be, as Wilson makes clear. Enns could have easily brought to the table reasonable solutions to many of the supposed Bible problems. Why doesn’t he? Does he want me to believe things are that confused with the biblical stories? And why doesn’t he spend sufficient time telling me how confused Jesus was, since he seemed to take passages quite literally from the pages of the OT and spoke about jots and tittles being fulfilled, not a word passing away, etc. Make no mistake about it. To believe what Enns wants me to believe directly affects what I think about Jesus. This is mission critical, I would think, but Enns does not come at this directly. He should.

I need a more sensitive and theologically sophisticated manner to help me with this “Jesus thing.” Enns seems to write as if this is not a big thing. It is. The biggest.

I will read The Bible Tells Me So. I downloaded a sample on my Kindle and the book reads well. It’s personal, entertaining and perhaps directly more than any other book deals with the audience.

I do wish Enns kept more in touch with Evangelicals who are not in his camp. Maybe they have just voted him off the island so he can’t. But if he wants to be taken seriously by Evangelicals, he needs more cred than he gets by being interviewed by Brian Mclaren, Rob Bell, etc. I know that sounds judgmental but if those who are connecting with him and being viewed as the supportive community are those who affirm same sex marriage, deny the eternality of hell, etc, Enns has given his message not even half a chance of getting through. After all, Bell, Mclaren and company don’t need Enns book to be where they are. They are already farther down that road than Enns has been (so far). Apparently Enns is trying to reach back into his old community and do some wake up calls. This doesn’t help.

Ben Carson Interviewed by Chris Wallace

I am beginning to find Dr. Carson’s style attractive. At first I thought he was a bit too slow out of the gate, but he is working his way toward the issues in a thoughtful way. I think his prediction of possible anarchy in the USA is credible. The social unrest in our country is immense and the carelessness of our government growing. We are all on a collision course unless there is wisdom. People can feel the incredible anger amongst us, and good people are finding themselves exasperated at levels that surprise them.

Here is the interview.