Does Romans 9-11 Teach Calvinist Predestination?

John Piper has famously quipped that Romans 9-11 is a free-will killer. There is many a seminary student who finds himself/herself ending up with monergism simply because Roman 9-11 seems to offer no other way around it. They don’t want to go there but are forced to by what they think is the plain meaning of the biblical text.

What I have found is that there is another way to read these three chapters that are much more in line with the story line of Scripture, God’s holy love in saving to the uttermost. Once a person finds that the traditional texts that they have been taught teach unconditional election are as explainable with a synergistic grid, the Bible flowers with the beauty of God’s love for all in the death of Jesus on the cross.

Ben Witherington explains Romans 9-11 from a nonCalvinistic perspective.

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