Debate About Calvinism Tonight, 8/27/14

I will be looking at this tonight. Debate about Calvinism: Austin Fischer and Brian Zahnd vs. Daniel Montgomery and Timothy P. Jones Tonight! Austin Fischer has most winsomely made his case in his book, Young, Rest and No Longer Reformed. A very good read.

This debate is scheduled for tonight, Wednesday, August 27, 2014, 7:00pm – 8:30pm with Mark Galli moderating at Missio Dei Church: Wrigleyville, Chicago, IL. You can watch it live at, and it will be posted on YouTube later this week. You can find live coverage and comments on Twitter at #CalvinismDebate.

One thought on “Debate About Calvinism Tonight, 8/27/14

  1. When calvinist use the greek term Kosmos (world in John #3:16 ), and say that word is not what you think it is, what is the rebuttal on that from Armenian side?

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