Victoria Beeching Announces “I am gay and God loves me just the way I am.”

We Evangelicals are getting quite used to artists in the mainstream of our heritage stepping forward to share the news that they are gay. It’s not a surprise anymore. What is a twist in the story is how many of these affirm their full commitment to Christianity as we together have known it with this one caveat – being gay does not contradict their commitment to Christ or a high view of the Bible. Of course, Matthew Vines is currently the most well-known among those who of those who conflate homosexuality and orthodox Christianity.

Victoria Beeching is celebrity Christian musician who has recently come out as gay. Robert George has posted a response over at First Things, titled “VICTORIA BEECHING AND PLATO’S THIRD FORM OF ATHEISM.” George is a professional philosopher at Princeton, so most everything has to be referenced back to Plato. 🙂  He is most well known among Evangelicals (George himself is a Roman Catholic) for his expertise in Natural Law theory, particularly applied to the issue of same sex marriage. I have read his work Marriage: Man and Woman: A Defense. It is an able proof that nature alone tells us that homosexuality is disordered and does not fulfill the proper ends for which humans are fitted by virtue of being human. Natural Law theory’s project is to demonstrate the truth of moral propositions without reference to a transcendent authority, such as the Bible. Reason alone, rightly framed, can detect, so it is argued, the moral order of the universe. This is heavily reliant upon the work of Aristotle as he is interpreted through the lens of Thomas Aquinas. I buy in. A lot of Protestants do not.

As a movement Protestants are skeptical of truths known apart from special revelation in the Bible. We are “Bible Alone” kind of people. We also have a rather pessimistic view of human depravity and consequent inability that we find taught in the Bible. To say that people can know for sure God’s ways, at least in some measure, apart from the Bible is a road too far for many. I am of that few number of Evangelical Protestants who have a larger place for Natural Law theory. All Natural Law theorists who are Christians have a large place for special revelation since there are many truths which nature alone can teach us, the Trinity, for one instance, and redemption through Christ’s penal sacrifice on the cross, for another

Robert George makes the case that Victoria Beeching’s proclamation is resonant with Plato’s third form of atheism. Take the time to read George’s two or three paragraphs.

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