Predestination Calmly Considered, John Wesley

I am working through this publication of John Wesley. He calmly presents the massive amount of biblical texts that assume that we are able to make a free choice to believe or not to believe the promise of salvation, unconstrained by a decree of God that determines before hand to elect or not to elect rooted in his sovereign power alone. 

Wesley’s sermons and publications are marked by common sense, the use of biblical text and scriptural language, and simplicity and genuineness of expression. He doesn’t push and shove. He does not appeal to mystery and a ‘hidden will’ of God. And he makes the love of God the engine of redemption. 

He keeps connected the panoply of attributes of God and does not isolate God’s sovereign power as the root of all God’s actions, as in “He does all his pleasure.” God’s pleasure is to redeem sinners out of his-self giving love. What we see when we see Jesus hung upon the cross is what it appears to be – an invitation to the world to believe. Power, love and humility wedded together in the great act of reconciliation.

I will have more to write on this, but if you are troubled by the manner in which predestination is used by some to restrict salvation to the few, this is a good read for you. 

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