Matt Taibbi To Lead First Look’s Next Digital Magazine

Matt Taibbi is moving on from Rolling Stone after years of fierce writing about the 2008 financial crisis. Taibbi is one of the few who have kept the misdeeds of the financial industry alive and who has not forgotten what they did to the American people.

If I had a life to live over again, my avocation would be pursuing legislation that puts the financial industry on a level playing field with the rest of us and puts its leading miscreants in jail. The devastation they have worked on Americans is beyond weighing and describing. They changed everything for everybody, and then after that were invited into the White House to reconstruct the new economy after the meltdown. to this day, no one has walked the perp walk. They remain in charge, and not only in charge but financially profiting as much as before.

As a Pastor I have seen so many devastated lives flow out of the financial holocaust, so many retirements ruined, so many jobs lost, so many houses lost – all by people playing by the rules who had no idea that others saw them as suckers ready for a blow they could not see coming. The close collusion between Congressmen, White House and financial executives for a time rose above the surface for all to see, and now it has descended again. Taibbi reaches down into the abyss and brings it up for all to see. No one else has his energy level nor his writing skill to keep it before the common man.

Go to his page on Amazon to peruse his titles.

I am surprised how little involved the church is in uncovering this fiscal mess. It is not even on their screen as I sift through website after website, ministry after ministry. The church is preoccupied on taking care of bodies that float downstream rather than going upstream to see what is causing it all in the first place.

One thing is for sure. The financial powers have guaranteed that Walmart will have plenty of seniors to supply their stores’ employee needs for years to come. Every time you go to a Walmart and see a senior there, don’t imagine how happy they are to have a job. Consider what forced them back into the work place at the very point where they should be enjoying grandchildren, taking time to love and laugh, sit at the dinner table a bit longer than usual and share with their husband or wife, watch the early news and check Facebook photos of  new grandkids before slipping into PJs and reading a new book just checked out of the library.

Matt Taibbi doesn’t forget.


One thought on “Matt Taibbi To Lead First Look’s Next Digital Magazine

  1. A few years ago I had no interest in things political; now I wish that I had the tools to operate in that realm. It is not because I lost much in the 2008 crisis, but rather because of all the major financial players who have no concern for the larger public good. As you’ve said above, “they changed everything for everybody,” I would include in the host of “major financial players,” many (most?) members of congress. Lawrence Lessig has, I believe, some instructive things to say about the current course of this politico-financial enterprise in his books and TED talks regarding “Lesterland,” and provides ideas for trying to take things in a different direction. Time will tell if his ideas developing any real traction.

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